Being Daniel – Concept Art

Do books have concept art? They do when I’m writing them, that’s for sure.

I am a highly visual person and it can be hard to translate the ideas in my head to words on a page. With Being Daniel in particular, I’ve had a hard time staying focused. Sometimes when that happens, the best thing for me is to do something else creative but still related to the book. That usually means making soundtracks or graphics to kind of a set a tone or capture the aesthetic I’m going for.

Here is the piece that I made yesterday for Being Daniel.


I just used some free domain silhouette images and PicMonkey and this is what I came up with. In case you haven’t been clued in, Being Daniel is about a dysfunctional relationship between two people who need to love and forgive themselves before they can love anyone else. Because I’m a sucker for romance and can much more easily write a beautiful story about true love, it helps me to have this image in mind while I’m working on this story.


What do you do to stay focused while writing? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, new post coming Friday. God bless!



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