Blogmas 2017 – Day 18/31 – Snippets 1

Back on April 9th, I was doing a writing exercise where I chose a random book, opened it, and whatever page I opened on I would use as a writing prompt. This particular prompt was for a book that is one of my favorites — Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris, and I opened to page 144.


Here’s what I came up with inspired by this scene (originally posted here):


Writing prompt: Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris, page 144

“Who does that crackpot old king think he is, pawning his daughter off to that simpleton?” Marty grumbled as he watched the Princess Persimmon being pursued without an ounce of grace or imagination by Prince Donovan, who was feeding her grapes at the high table. 

“Don’t let it trouble you so much,” Wilber suggested, shoving a turkey leg into his friend’s mouth before he could say anything else. “You never had a chance with her anyway,”

“I’m not interested in that puckered little Persimmon,” Marty protested. “I’m concerned for the welfare of the kingdom. You really think dimwitted Donavan knows the first thing about trade or foreign affairs or not being overthrown in the first month of his reign?”

“Prince Donavan is a pathetic lout, I’ll give you that,” Wilber said, calmly stuffing his mouth with cheese popovers. “But so is King Franklin, so I’m not terribly alarmed,”

“I want to see the kingdom improve, not continue slogging along,”

“Maybe you should move to another kingdom,” Wilber laughed. “You care so much about politics, Marty. If only you could be happy jousting and playing court. But no. You have to get all up in a stink over crop prices and the working conditions of milkmaids,”

“Somebody has to care about this stuff,” Marty snarled, poking viciously at his slice of plum pudding. 

“Well, I do think it’s very noble of you to care, but maybe you could set your mind at ease and enjoy the feast with me? Whether or not you approve of Prince Donovan and his puckered Persimmon, you have to admit their betrothal has resulted in a good time for the rest of us,”

“One can’t drown the foul taste of horrifyingly stupid merger marriages with turkeys and plum pudding,” Marty grumbled. 

Wilber shrugged and reached over to pick off of Marty’s plate. “More for me,”

“Hmph,” Marty glared across the room. “Looks like the Persimmon got tired of grapes,”

Wilber looked up and his eyes widened. “Hey, she’s headed this way,”

“No, she’s probably headed to find a chamber pot – holy cats, she is headed this way!” Marty turned towards Wilber, his eyes wide with panic. “What do you suppose she wants?”

“We’re about to find out,”

“Hello,” Princess Persimmon said, stopping in front of them and planting her hands on the table in between trays of cheese and pickled eggs.

“Hello, your Highness,” Wilber said, giving her a suave smile. 

“Er…hi, Princess,” Marty mumbled. 

“I don’t suppose I could ask you two a favor?” she said, batting her eyelashes. 

“Yes?” Marty said. 

“Anything,” Wilber assured her. 

She grinned at them. “Excellent. I need you to get rid of my beloved betrothed. By tomorrow night, if you could manage it,” 


There you have it! This was a lot of fun to write, but it currently has no title and no real plan. I do have one idea that I could possibly sandwich this into but I’m curious to hear what you think!

Did you enjoy this? Like the characters? Should I continue the story? Let me know!



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