Blogmas 2017 – Day 5/31 – A Ride Home

Yesterday I heard the following quote:


“[Hope is] the certainty that you and I know where we’re going, and we know who’s going with us.” – Allen Hunt

This reminded me of a poem I wrote on January 28, 2016, called A Ride Home. This was written while sitting in Adoration in the Catholic church in my hometown. I was in an incredibly dark place in my life. I had broken up with my boyfriend of three years a few months before, I was working a job that was sucking the life out of me, and I felt totally alone and worthless. I felt the urge to start writing and this poem was what came out.aridehome2

There’s actually a story within the story behind this poem. For some reason, the experience of being found and claimed by Christ reminded me of something that had happened to me probably a year before. I was at an event for the theatre where I was interning and the people I thought were going to drive me home had already left. My anxiety was creeping up as I stressed about how I would get home when, before I could even ask, a friend of mine called to me, “Hey, Clare, I’m your ride home.” My heart lifted in an instant and I was utterly relieved.

That was what it felt like in that moment, to realize that God noticed me, that He cared about me. That He was my ‘ride home’.

This poem keeps coming back to me to comfort me. I have the words printed and framed on my wall. As time goes by, it takes on new meaning. I was reflecting on it before writing this post and I realized — what would my alternative be? To stay where I am forever? To start walking? God doesn’t want to leave me with those alternatives. He steps in, He calls to me before I can even ask, “Hey, Clare, I’m your ride home.”

This is my hope.

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