ANNOUNCEMENT – Extending My Deadline

Some stories come easier than others, and Being Daniel isn’t coming easy. I finished my first draft on September 30th, and I was optimistic that I could get it polished up and ready to go in no time after that. That’s kind of how it went with Good You Were Here.

But there were several things I didn’t count on. I took a lot of time away from writing or even thinking about the book in October for a lot of reasons – flying to Virginia to be a bridesmaid in my childhood best friend’s wedding, family visiting, and wanting to wait for feedback from beta readers. I also got sick and had a lot of anxiety towards the end of October and that kept me from accomplishing much of anything.

I finally got enough feedback to reach a tough realization: While this story is really good, my execution is currently…bad. I kept telling myself done was better than perfect and while I still want to work with that mentality, I also want this book to be worth the money and time people will invest in it. So I’m going to remove the pressure of my December 14th deadline and give this book the love it needs. I won’t announce a new release date until Being Daniel is solidly ready to make its entrance in the world.

It’ll be worth it, I promise.


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