ThrowbackThursday – Every Soul A Star

Originally posted to my Instagram @claremariespeltz

Probably about five years ago, I found the book Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass at a public library. It’s the story of three young people facing unexpected and unwanted major changes in their lives when they’re brought together by a total solar eclipse. I cannot stress how absolutely funny, hopeful, and beautiful this story is. At the end of the book, there’s a note from Wendy Mass where she mentioned that there would be a total solar eclipse in the United States in August of 2017. I remember reading that, coming off of such an inspiring story that described the beauty of a solar eclipse in such stunning detail, and I thought, “I’m gonna see that eclipse.” And I am. On Monday my dad and youngest sister and I will be driving as far as we can to see as much totality as possible. If you get a chance, you should find some eclipse glasses and view as much of this cosmic phenomenon as you can. And read this book. Trust me. 🌞🌛🌑

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