Is there someone who has touched your life? Someone you’re grateful for? Someone whose presence you want to acknowledge or appreciate? Tag them with #goodyouwerehere and share why!
My first #goodyouwerehere goes out to someone who very much helped shape me in my faith – a lady named Pam, who was my 3rd grade religion teacher back at my parish in Iowa. She was a truly kind, generous woman who had the rare talent for making people feel her love. My most vivid memory of her is when she had us draw Adam and Eve on the whiteboard, and she laughed with us as we awkwardly debated on how ‘anatomically correct’ to draw them. She was as much a part of my childhood as my parents and my best friends. She died in April of 2012 after several years fighting liver cancer. Her funeral was standing room only. I wish I could have one more conversation with her – I wish I could thank her for helping to grow me into the person I am today. Thank you, Pam. It’s #goodyouwerehere 💕🙏🏻#gywh #memories

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